In the pub - stopped to do some work and have a pint of lemonade, (yes lemonade - lol), and the couple next to me are in the throes of beginning an affair.

They appear to be old friend. She's European, in her late 30's, he is English, in his 40's. She has just finished talking about her husband, and how wonderful he is, how helpful, how she won't have been married to him for so long if he wasn't. The guy knows her husband - not sure if he and the husband are friends or friendly. The chap is married. 

They are having a whale of a time. It began with drinks, and then decided they are having such a good time, they should have a meal. They've already made plans to go away for the weekend together. Every other sentence out of this woman mentions her husband. She's just said, after a few years relationships change. The Guy has said he believes the woman and her husband have a solid marriage.

Okay, am I in a twilight zone??? She is planning/or is already cheating on a husband she describes as wonderful? Sooooooo, people in wonderful marriages celebrate by having affairs? Huh? By the way, her husband does not know she is having this meal with the guy.

They have now concluded life only happens once and so they should do what they want (they actually said that). I'll leave you with her words that she's said about her hubby - "Real love is free and he cannot keep me by keeping restrictions on me."

**this is a true story. They are next to me right now ~ Bucky 2014.

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